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The company's core competence are organic chemical compounds: Organics - Oxidation processes of toluene (aromatic oxidation) and chlorination of toluene, including the production of the corresponding derivatives and further processing into organic fine chemicals. Founded at the city centre of Wuhan in 1945, the factory is a pioneer with 70 years of production history, as well as a leading international specialist for nutritional safety, food additives, preservatives and antioxidants. We have already reached a global market share of 35 % and a share in the Chinese market of 70 % in the area of benzoic acids and their salts.


In addition to the food industry, pharmaceutics, colouring agents, rubber, leather, defence and oil exploration use our products as well. Our goal is creating customised solutions with a broad range of products and services. We supply mass goods such as sodium benzoate to the largest beverage producers in the world, international top chemistry companies and many well-known companies on the European food market.

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Linuo Factory organic chemicals

In 2014, all production plants and the entire process technology were rebuilt a little outside of Wuhan. This facility was taken into operation entirely in the course of 2015. Further development of the oxidation products and chlorination processes of toluenes and their derivatives will take place gradually in the course of the next few years. A dedicated pipeline to the adjacent 800 KT Cracker ensures supply with the required raw materials on a high level.


Global leader in benzoic preservatives and antimicrobials for feed, food and beverages, as well as special benzoic derivatives.