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Linuo Group - Corporate Introduction

Linuo Group has its headquarters in Jinan, Shandong province, in P.R. China. 

In 1994, Linuo Group was founded in a place full of resources and home to numerous talented people. This province takes pride in its traditional culture, which is symbolized in the Mount Tai, the Yellow River, and Confucius. This in turn inspired Linuo Group and its employees to realize its entrepreneurial dream. Linuo Group has developed itself from a small glass manufacturer with one furnace and two production lines into a large technology and innovation-oriented business group, which is engaged in glass, solar/PV, pharmaceuticals/healthcare and chemicals. 

Linuo Group has ten subsidiary groups, which are Linuo Ritter, Linuo Solar PV, Linuo Power, Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals, Hongjitang Ejiao, Linuo Pharmaceuticals, Keyuan Pharmaceuticals, Linuo Technical Glass, Twin Tigers Coatings, and Wuhan Youji, which are located respectively in Linuo Solar Technology Park in Jinan, Linuo Chemical Industry Park in Wuhan, Linuo Glasswork Industry Park in Jinan, Linuo Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Park in Jinan, and Linuo Industry Park in Shanghai. Three companies, Linuo Technical Glass, Keyuan Pharmaceuticals and Hongjitang Pharmaceuticals, are stock listed companies in China. Linuo Group has branches or factories in USA, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and India. Its products are sold all around China and to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.  In 2017 more than 8.000 employees at 28 production sites and in more than 50 locations achieve more than 2 Bio. EUR.

Linuo Group promotes an innovation-driven and technology-oriented development, accelerates equipment upgrade and platform construction so to achieve the transformation of the whole Group. Up to now, Linuo Group has 11 National High-tech Enterprises, 26 Science and Technology Innovation Platforms (including 6 national platforms), and 4 Postdoctoral Research Programs. Linuo has led or participated in the drafting of 60 national industry standards. Also, it has obtained 685 patents in total, including 156 invention patents and received a First Class National Award and a Second Class National Award for Science and Technology Progress. Moreover, Linuo has been undertaking 20 major projects in China’s Torch Program and the 863 Program.

Since its foundation, Linuo has been sticking to the corporate spirit of serving the country with industry and achieve excellence, as well as the corporate purpose of serving society and benefiting all people. Besides its products and service in solar power and health industries, Linuo Group has also made contribution to earthquake relief work and the Hope Project, the educational aid programs it set up, and other charity work. All of this demonstrates the social responsibility of the company, and have been honored and praised by the government and people from all walks of life. Linuo Group has won over 160 national and provincial awards and received various visits by state and provincial leaders. At present, Linuo Group is implementing its strategy of Four New Modernizations, namely intelligent manufacturing, asset securitization, market globalization and value maximization, and working together with you for a better future.