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Linuo considers itself a medium-sized enterprise. The structure of Linuo group is characterised by flat hierarchies and short paths to decisions. Our customers value the flexibility in daily business based on this, since their contact has a name and a face and can be reached in person. 

Gao Yuankun (*1958),
President and majority owner of Linuo Group

After acquiring the MBA diploma at the University of Shandong, he started his career as the Marketing Manager of Shandong Jinan Industries Supply and Marketing Corporation in 1981. From 1986 to 1992, he worked as managing director of Shandong Lunan Medical Glass General Corporation. From 1992 to 1994, he was the deputy head of Shandong Institute of Medical Machinery Research before finally founding the company LINUO in 1994.

Gao Yuankun, President Linuo Group

Gao Yuankun, President Linuo Group

 Mr Gao is active in important associations to support sustainable and risk-conscious development, e.g. as chairman of Shandong Jinan Association of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises, deputy chairman of Jinan Committee of Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Shandong Union of Private Enterprises. This picture shows Gao Yuankun together with Xi Jinping, China's currently officiating president, at a visit to LINUO in 2008. Gao Yuankun maintains a close relationship with Germany: He has held his first (silent) participation in Jena since 1998. German Federal Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer inaugurated the solar collector production plant of the joint venture between Linuo and Ritter group that was founded in 2001. Several specialist publications regularly include Gao Yuankun in their lists of the most influential entrepreneurs in China.   

Ni Chao, CEO Linuo Europe

Ni Chao, CEO Linuo Europe

Ni Chao (*1957),
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Linuo Europe

After acquiring his engineering diploma at the University of Shandong, he worked for companies in the glass industry and at German pharmaceutics and medical technology company B. Braun Melsungen AG. Mr Ni has been with LINUO since 1999 and is one of the true Linuo veterans. After many years as the deputy managing director of the joint venture Linuo-Paradigma, he is now a member of the supervisory board there. Ni Chao represents president Gao in all matters of the International Department. In this function, he holds several positions as the managing director of Linuo Group companies, among them Shengjuan Trading and Development (Hong Kong), Linuo Import Export (Shanghai) and Linuo Europe (Hamburg).  

You can contact Ni Chao personally at: Nic[at]  

Robert Lorenz GM Linuo Europe

Robert Lorenz, GM Linuo Europe

Robert Lorenz, PhD (*1981),
GM (General Manager) Linuo Europe

Studied industrial engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Doctorate at the TU Berlin on the subject of service innovation with research stay at the National University of Singapore. Mr. Lorenz has accumulated a wealth of experience in a wide range of industries, including the chemical, energy, transportation, medical technology and IT & telecommunications sectors. He discovered his passion for China and the Chinese language during his studies. Robert Lorenz represents the Linuo Group in Europe and is responsible in particular for Finance, M & A, Business Development and Strategy Development.

You can contact Robert Lorenz personally at: robertlorenz[at]

What does LINUO (力诺) mean?

The company name "Linuo" is made up of two Chinese characters: 力 for Li. The character 力 translates as "Force". 诺 for Nuo. The character 诺 translates as "Promise". The two characters together are pronounced "Lino". The "u" is silent. The two characters together express the philosophy of Linuo: "The strength of promise". We believe that only he who keeps his promises can be truly successful. Hold us to our word! LINUO Group Holdings combines Latin and Chinese characters in its official logo. Subsidiaries (such as LINUO Europe) use their own logos based on the companies' history. 

Linuo Group Logo

Linuo Group Logo

Note: For some reason, some browser-based translation programs claim that the two characters 力诺 mean "Marino" or "Connaught" in English. This does not even correspond to the Chinese pronunciation of the two characters and has already caused some confusion. Please be careful about "Google" translations.

A brief note:

Europeans are sometimes a little uncertain about Chinese names. You may wonder: What is the first name, what is the last name? It can be quickly explained using an example: As you know, the name of China's currently officiating president is Xi Jinping. Xi is his family name and Jinping is his given name. As you can see, the Chinese usually put their family names first. The president of LINUO is Gao Yuankun, and would therefore be called Mr Gao according to European conventions. The European way of addressing Ni Chao would accordingly be "Mr Ni".