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Linuo Glass Tableware Heat resistant Pharmaglass

"Aiming to be the best manufacturer of technical glass in the world" has been the express goal for the glass production at Linuo Glass since 1995. With its more than 1000 employees, Linuo Glass focuses on the production and further processing of borosilicate glass. About 10 glass melting tanks, distributed across several glass factories, are used to produce primarily chemicals- and temperature-resilient glass that is used in particular for pharmaceutical primary packaging, chemical process and lab technology, lamps and in the household. The good chemical resilience against water, many chemicals and pharmaceutical products (hydrolytic class 1) is achieved by the boron content of the glasses. With a production capacity in excess of 100,000 tons, Linuo is one of the larger borosilicate glass producers in the world.

Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Systems

Linuo is one of the globally leading manufacturers of pharma tubing, special glass tubes and primary packagings for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer our customers solutions for the highest quality with our material expertise, analytic lab services and a diverse product range.

Heat-resistant glass

Beautifully shaped from preparation to cooking and storing. About 200 different models and individual series meet all requirements posed to cooking and baking equipment. The glasses are dishwater-proof, particularly heat-resilient and microwave-capable. Many large brands have been relying on Linuo for many years.

Lighting Glass

Linuo offers customised lighting glass solutions in the areas of automotive, lighting, industrial technology and defence. We produce more than 100 different types of blown bulbs, e.g. for mercury and sodium vapour lamps – reaching as many as 56 million units per year.

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